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Detailed Description of Bramman

Director : Socrates
Producer : K. Manju
Anto Joseph
StarCast: Naveen Chandra
Lavanya Tripathi
Musician : Devi Sri Prasad
Released on : Feb 21th, 2014
Country : India
Language : Tamil


Story of Bramman :

Bramman story revolves around Shiva (Sasikumar). As we have a tendency to all grasp Brahma ios the God of Creation whereas Shiva is that the one WHO destroys. What once a person combines each forms the crux. Themotion-picture show begins in Coimbatore. Shiva is associate degree upright youth. there’s romance, fununderneath the roof in his life. however things take a flip once a slew of incidents. Shiva contains a purpose to measure and a mission to accomplish. however he goes regarding forms the crux.

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Think about Pasupathy’s silver screen insane character in Veyyil. Presently, take Pasupathy’s character from Kuselan, and make this character as the person who needs to go and meet his youth companion, who is currently a superstar. Combine these two characters together and voila, you have Sasikumar’s character in Bramman.

He plays Siva, a man who has an interest for silver screen since youth and runs a summary motion picture theater in Coimbatore. Screening the most recent discharges is an unreasonably expensive suggestion for him thus alongside his companion Nandhu, he demonstrates more seasoned movies of the same stars or with the same titles (Rajini’s Billa rather than Ajith’s, Friends rather than Nanban). However, achievement evades him. He becomes hopelessly enamored with Gayathri (Lavanya), an undergrad. With his theater in a bad position and confronting the possibility of being closed down for good, he goes to Chennai to meet his youth companion Madankumar ( Naveen Chandra), who is presently a fruitful film chief, and look for his assistance. How this work out structures the plot of this drowsy drama that tries to be a paean to both movies and companionship.

Following the time when he amazed us with his presentation, Subramaniapuram, Sasikumar’s profession has been one of unavoidable losses and the accuse ought to solidly lie with the chief performer, who has turned out to be more worried with anticipating himself as a mass saint, regardless of attempting to persuade us generally. This film even elements a scene where a character asks ‘Nee enna periya legend va’ and Sasikumar counters ‘Naan ennikkume appadi sonnadhilla’. In the event that it was the rural hoodlum prime example in his past discharge Kutti Puli, here, he tackles a darling kid symbol in the first half, and returns to his at this point well known natpu philosophizing in the second half. That is not as a matter of course awful, but rather Socrates’ script is so unacceptable and his arranging exceptionally TV serial-like that even an intriguing improvement (Siva goes to an office to get Kumar and closures together with the offer of coordinating a film) feels dull. Indeed, even the sentimental track plays out in an oft-seen way, with Siva charming Gayathri in the organization of Nandhu, and Santhanam does his standard occupation of giving the wisecracks to keep us somewhat entertained.

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